Shopping Policy

Branded Bags

We buy new Bags from liquidations and we resale it with all of its authentications certificates if the bags are assigned to one. If we lose or do not get a certificate of authentication, we apply for a new authentication card from a reputable broker and it will be re-authenticated as a true valid brand.

We  own the branded bags and they have never been used. However, we are not authorized by the manufacturer to sell a new Brand  direct.

We are  legally capable to sell our assets of bags that has never been used and they  were not pre-owned until we purchase it in liquidations. Hence, we never used these wonderful bags.

High Quality Bags

We buy and sell these bags from our dropshipper direct from Asia.

These are the best non-branded and functional day to day leather bags.

Fine Watches

We buy these Fine Watches from authorized dealers/Retailers. These watches have been used for a short term (1 Week – 3 months). For the most part they have been used for a period of a few days to a week. Neverthless, once the box is opened it is considered legally used. We are the owners of these fine watches and we have never worn them. We provide for the original manufacturer’s initial battery replacements and a system service check when we receive them. So, we can confirm from the manufacturer that they are authentic, and are verified via their serial number.